Material Served For Auto Pre-Opened Poly Bags

Adsure Packaging Limited is a professional manufacturer of Auto Pre-Opened Poly Bags in a wide range of materials for a variety of applications!

We provide different materials to satisfy customers’ demands, such as PP, LDPE, HDPE, Biodegradable, and Compostable materials.

For different applications, we also have materials like Anti Rust Bag, Anti-static Bag, UV Resistant Bag, and Food Grape Laminated Bag.

Clear Polypropylene

Our Clear Polypropylene Pre Opened Bag is Super Transparent, Recyclable with high strength, and resists odor transfer.

You can use it for Automotive Parts, Toys, Small Household Appliances, and Other Retail Applications.

Clear Polyethylene

Adsure produces Clear Polyethylene Auto Pre-Opened Bags full of high transparency and recyclable. They are durable, versatile, and cost-effective with excellent printing characteristics.

You can use our bag for Automotive Parts,Hardware, Food Crafts Items, Medical Devices, Electronic Components, and other Retail Applications.

 Front Clear Back Colored PE

Our Front Clear Back Colored PE Pre-Opened bag is easy to see the content.It is easy for thermal printing. You can also read the printing information one the label easily.

Coextruded (Coex) Polyethylene

ADSURE’s Coextruded (Coex) Polyethylene Auto Pre-Opened Bags is 100% Opaque, 100% privacy, and Recyclable. You can be print on the bag directly.

You can use our bag for  Bulk Parcels, Mail Order, Photographic Film, Medication, Pharmacy Fulfilment.

Biodegradable Material

Our Biodegradable Pre-Opened Bag is made of PE plus EPI  Addictive. Accelerate decomposition speed, complies with environmental protection policy.

It is suitable for all Eco-friendly Solutions.

Compostable Material

Our compostable material pre-opened bag is made of PABT+PLA+Cornstrarch/Green PE/100% Biodegradable.

It is suitable for all eco-friendly Solution.

Recycled Material

Our Recycled Material Pre-Opened Bags are made with pre-consumer recycled bag material . Ideal for all Eco-friendly Solutions.

 Antistatic  Material

Our Antistatic Material Pre-Opened Bag is Linear low-density polyethylene film with a special additive that prevents static build-up and protects packaged products from static discharge.

They are used to prevent quality problems caused by short circuits of electronic products.

It is suitable for Non-ESD, Static-Sensitive Electronical, Electronic Components and Kits.

VCI Anti-Rust Bag

Our Rust Resistant Auto Pre-Opened Bags is ideal to protect ferrous metals such as Steel, Iron, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Devices, and Jewelry from rust and corrosion.

  • Contains a volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) that generates an invisible layer of corrosion protection on the ferrous metal itself, protecting it from rusting inside the package
  • Prevents low levels of moisture from reaching the ferrous metal
    Contains a very low moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), preventing moisture from reaching the bagged products
  • Does not alter the electrical or mechanical properties of the bagged product

UV Resistant Bag

ADSURE’s UV Auto Pre-Opened Bag is used to prevent the contents from ultra-violet rays.

Translucent and opaque materials provide high UV protection, strength, and machinability.

  • Ultra-violet protection, durability, and good printing characteristics.

It is used for Pharmacy Fulfillment, Mail Order, Unit Dose Packaging, Medical and Security applications.

Food Laminated Bag

Laminated films (barrier pouches) have long been a standard in food packaging for their excellent oxygen and moisture barrier qualities.

Low oxygen transmission rate (OTR) and moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR).

Tyvek Material Bag

Our Tyvek Material bag  is strong and highly resistant to tears and punctures, so bags made from it can be used again and again.

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