Kraft Paper Auto Bags for High Speed Packaging | Paper Material Pre-Opened Bags on a Roll

Adsure’s Paper Auto Bags, a groundbreaking solution transforming the packaging landscape across industries. Crafted for seamless integration, our automatic paper bags excel in various applications.

Our Kraft Paper Auto Bags is a sustainable solution for mail order fulfillment and e-commerce paper applications.

It automates the packing process and improves productivity with bag-opening technology that allows for easy loading of orders and enables inline printing of shipping label information. Its ergonomic design is ideal for operators and the small footprint saves valuable warehouse space.

  • Sustainable and 100% curbside recyclable paper material
  • Paper Pre-Opened Auto Bags are curbside recyclable for easy disposal
  • Paper Auto Bags material available in natural kraft and white
  • Enables inline printing of shipping label information
  • Reduces shipping cost compared to standard corrugate
  • Ideal for Apparel, Food and Beverage Industry, Medical Sector, Retail and E-commerce
  • We can do any custom Auto Bags as your demand!You can visit our Auto Bags Catalog to learn more about our capability for Auto Bags.