ATM Cash Security Bags for Auto Sealing

This ATM Cash Security Bags are designed for cash deposit collection with auto sealing to secure the cash from any manual handling.

  • Extra Strong & Super Tough polythene from ExxonMobil
  • Multiple Barcodes and Sequential Numbers on individual bag
  • Heat Resistant Patches on both sides for wide range sealing temperatures
  • Rigid HDPE molded handles for fixing firmly and exactly with the sealer inside the machine
  • White write-on panel for manual recording
  • 6 Ventilation Holes on 4 sides
  • Maximized Bank Notes storage volume with Gusseted structure
  • Card Broad in Bottom Gusset for Maximizing Rigidity
  • Micro Print on Bottom Seal for Prevent Tampering
  • Printed Instructions for Installing and Cutting
  • 3 Layers White & Black Co-extruded film with 100% opacity
  • All Recyclable Materials and ROSH Complied