ICAO STEBs(Security Tamper Evident Bags) for Airport Duty Free Stores

ICAO STEBs(Security Tamper Evident Bags) for Airport Duty-Free Stores are designed to secure LAGs (Liquids, Aerosols & Gels) purchased at airport duty-free stores. Adsure can produce custom ICAO Bags as your demands.

ADSURE is a listed of manufacturers of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), eligible to provide Alcohol Security Duty-Free Sealed bags STEBs for International Airport and Duty-Free Shops. ADSURE duty-free bags, compliance with all requirements functions, and specifications from ICAO.

  • State/manufacture code
  • A single reinforced handle is for easier carry
  • Unique serial number and barcode for Track and Trace
  • Tamper Evident Tape Closure
  • Inner pouch for carrying a receipt
  • ICAO Logo
  • Wide in-set seals
  • 100% recyclable and environment–friendly materials