Custom PLA 100% Compostable Poly Mailer Bags-Biodegradable Courier Bags-Shipping Bags

Compostable poly mailer partly made from cornstarch. Certified biodegradable under home composting conditions.

♻100% Compostable – Made of PBAT and modified cornstarch

♻CERTIFIED COMPOSTABLE IN U.S. & EUROPE- Our Compostable Mailer bags are certified by BPI, TÜV Austria, and Din Certco for industrial composting, guaranteed to be 100% Compostable in composting facilities.

♻LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION – Your customers will be surprised and relieved to open shipping bags made of eco-friendly materials. Using biodegradable shipping supplies will speak volumes about your sense of social responsibility and the high grade of your brand, and bring you closer to your customers through a good corporate image. This small eco-friendly effort will bring your brand to the forefront.

♻STRONG & DURABLE – These biodegradable shipping envelopes are resistant to moisture, water, punctures, and stretching. The adhesive strip is very strong, and the only way to open the packaging envelope is by cutting or destroying it. You can be sure that your parcels will reach your customers in the same state they left you – intact and looking awesome.

♻INSTRUCTIONS FOR USEOur Compostable Mailers are made of starch-based materials. Avoid overheating, place the Shipping bag in a cool and dry place, and use it up within one year after purchase.

♻CONVENIENT & ECONOMICAL – Simply peel and fold over to seal each package safely and securely. Compared to shipping boxes, this is an affordable (lightweight) and efficient (no tape required) alternative that makes your products feel more branded and like an exciting package you’d want to receive. Featuring a black inner lining, these fully opaque mailing bags help to respect the privacy of your customers.

♻PERFECT FOR YOUR BUSINESS – Our 2.5 mil compostable poly mailers are unpadded and perfect for sending out non-fragile items such as clothing, shoes, and knitwear. These shirt poly bags will protect your online business from water damage and other superficial blemishes, and your customers will smile when they see them.