Custom Medical Biohazard Specimen Bags

Biohazard Bags & Specimen Bags & Medicine Bags

ADSURE® provides this kind of leak-proof biohazard bags to safely ship specimens and fluids for the safety of the specimen. We offer a variety of Biohazard bags to meet your precise need. It is available in different printing, color, size, bag styles, and tamper evident level.

The proper bag is an essential accessory to your clinical specimen packaging. As a manufacturer of Biohazard bags,ADSURE offer a wide range of bags to protect your product while ensuring safety and compliance with all domestic and international regulations.

In mark offers the following types of custom medical biohazard bags like medical biohazard bags, specimen bags, medical waste bags, autoclave bags, poly mailers and so on for medication industry to meet your precise need.

ADSURE ® also provide custom service and special service like let the bag processed through the Irradiation Process from xx to xx KG γ. Full certification to be supplied with every delivery.