Specimen Sterile Filter Bags for Lab Blenders

Specimen Sterile Fliter Bags are designed for blended homogenization of diluent samples for most applications and to fulfil all applications from sample blending, straining and storage, including bags designed for extensive blending (processes requiring more than 15 minutes on the machine) and small samples for life science applications.

  • Sterile (gamma-irradiated) polyethylene bags
  • All bags irradiated sterile at 10-25 kGy
  • Excellent for liquid, semi-solid, or solid samples
  • Filter layer separates liquid and solids, allowing for easy pipetting
  • Suitable for use with most homogenizer blenders
  • Withstand extensive blending without tears or perforations
  • No side seams, one wide bottom seal
  • Highly transparent and puncture-resistant virgin polyethylene extruded tube material
  • It provides a low cost option for sample preparation with no risk of cross contamination between samples.
  • All filter bags are irradiated sterile. A certificate of irradiation is available for all bag products upon request.