Custom Wicketed Bags for Fast Speed Auto Packing

Wicketed Bags are utilized in hand-loading, semi-automated, and fully automated packaging systems, significantly enhancing packaging efficiency and increasing filling rates, thereby representing a cost-effective solution.

Mounted on wicketed dispensers, our bags streamline the filling process, catering to both manual and automated packaging with enhanced speed and simplicity.

The distinctive design of our wholesale wicketed bags augments the quantity of bags in each bundle, minimizing reload time and ensuring an accelerated production line.


  • Ideal for Baked Goods and More: Well-suited for packaging baked goods and a variety of other products.
  • Food-Grade Assurance: FDA and USDA certifications guarantee the safety of these bags for food contact, providing a trustworthy solution for various industries.
  • Easy Access Design: Open on one side for convenient product insertion, allowing wicket bags to be blown open.
  • Optional Bottom Gussets: Offers additional space, ensuring good seal integrity at the bottom gusset.
  • Consistent Tear-off Strength: Maintains reliable tear-off strength at the slit.
  • Streamlined Loading: Engineered for hand-loading, semi-automated, and fully automated packaging systems, our Wicketed Bags optimize the packaging process for unparalleled efficiency.
  • Compatible with High-Speed Automated Packing Machines: Performs effectively on high-speed automated packing machines.
  • Reduced Handling Time: Minimizes handling time for increased efficiency
  • Faster Filling Rates: Mounted on specialized dispensers, these bags facilitate swift filling, catering to both manual and automated operations with unparalleled speed and ease.
  • Enhanced Production Rates: Boosts production rates for a more productive operation.
  • High-Definition (HD) Printing Capability: Supports high-definition printing for superior branding and labeling.
  • Linear Tear-off Perforation with Pin Blocks: Facilitates tear-off with precision and ease.
  • Eco-Friendly Recycling Options: Remaining plastic on the wicket, rubber washers, and wicket wire can be recycled as plastic, rubber, and metal, respectively.
  • Serrated and Hot Pinned on Wickets: Optional feature for added versatility.

Choose our Wicketed Poly Bags for an efficient, FDA-approved, and environmentally conscious packaging solution that meets the demands of high-speed production environments.