Automatic and Smart Packaging Bags

automatic packaging

Have you imagine new way for automatic packaging?

Packaging appears everywhere in our life. It has been an indispensable way for online shopping, retailers and so on.For online shopping, many online stores will use carton sealing tapes, packaging boxes, bubble mailers and poly mailers for their packaging.

Poly mailers do play an important role for shipping .Ecommerce and Courier Company normally put the shipping items into the poly mailer bags and seals it. And then put the waybill into the clear outer pouch or sticker the shipping label on to the mailing bags with courier information.

Will you think it is a good way for your packaging? Do you need to make your packaging more smart and quickly?

Automatic packaging-Auto Bag

Auto Bags, are also called Pre-opened bags, which is used on automatic baggers. Each bag is pre-opened on one side and has a slit in front and a perforated back between bags and slit-top openings for automatic machine or fast hand product loading.They are ideal for apparel,small parts,seed packaging.

auto bag for small parts

People just need to put the product inside and meanwhile the thermal printing on the bag directly and the auto packaging machine will heat seal the bag very quickly.


This kind of packaging method will help many online stores and people who need auto packaging quickly.

And it will save their time and cost cause there is no self-adhesive tape and shipping label or waybill.

The auto bag can be customized on rolls or fan folded in a box. Fanfold auto bag will help you save the volume and then help you save the shipping cost. But not all automatic packaging machines are suitable for these two packaging style.

custom auto bagsFanfold Auto Bag

Some machine can match this two packaging while others just can use on rolls or fanfold in a box. It also depends on your automatic packaging machine.

If your company have a lot of goods for packaging and you want to save your time for packaging. Auto bag may be a good choice for you.