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Why do you choose compostable mailer for mailing?

It seems that compostable mailer become more and more popular for mailing. Many customer expecially Australia customer prefer choose compostable mailer as their choice. So what is compostable mailer and why it became a trend? Compostable mailers have all the lightweight shipping benefits of traditional poly mailers, but with proper disposal, they break down into natural components […]

Intelligent Security Tamper Evident Packaging Solutions

Intelligent Security Tamper Evident Packaging Adsure Packaging Limited has taken part in the Security Document Summit (SDS) Seminar on October 17th-18th in Beijing National Conference Center. On October 18th,our colleague Olina have represent Adsure for the presentation .Our topic is to talked about how to identify the authenticity of food, cash and many aspects that […]

Popular Poly Mailer Style

Custom Poly Mailer Style Custom poly mailer is more and more popular.people tend to customize their poly mailer with their brand name and logo, which can improve their brand impression. So what’s the popular poly mailer style you like? Matte Black Poly Mailers Poly mailer will be the most common way for their packaging. For […]

Automatic and Smart Packaging Bags

Have you imagine new way for automatic packaging? Packaging appears everywhere in our life. It has been an indispensable way for online shopping, retailers and so on.For online shopping, many online stores will use carton sealing tapes, packaging boxes, bubble mailers and poly mailers for their packaging. Poly mailers do play an important role for […]

Food Delivery Safety Packaging Solution

How do you think about the food delivery packaging? Food delivery packaging is a key point for food delivery safety. Nowadays, more and more people like to order food online. It seems it is a convenient way. People don’t need to go outside and wait so long to order the food from restaurant. They just […]

Tamper Evident Bags Applications

What’s Tamper Evident Bags For? Tamper Evident Bags are used for different applications such as Banks,CIT Companies,Retail Chain Stores,Law Enforcement Departments,Casinos and so on. Tamper Evident Bags are ideal for multiple applications.They need to secure deposit, personal property, confidential documents, forensic evidence, duty free shopping and so on. Banks, CIT Companies, Finance Industry, Retail Chain Stores […]

Is Your Current Mailing Bag Satisfying Your Demand?

Mailing Bag Poly mailers & Mailing Bag also called courier bag, courier satchels, and shipping bags. Logistics Companies will use courier bag as the normal packaging for customer’s parcels. And they also need this kind of courier bags with the clear outer pouch for waybill. Online stores will use these mailing bags for their clothes, shoes […]

How to secure your cash during cash in transit?

What Is Security Bags? Security bag is also called Safe Bags ,Tamper Evident Bags,Bank Deposit Bags. Therefore, They are very important for Banks, Armored car company , retail chain stores. Bank deposit bags are ideal for coin,money,deposit security during the cash in transit.  No one can open it without any evidence. Each Security Bags will have unique […]