How to secure your cash during cash in transit?

What Is Security Bags?

Security bag is also called Safe Bags ,Tamper Evident Bags,Bank Deposit Bags.

Therefore, They are very important for Banks, Armored car company , retail chain stores.

Bank deposit bags are ideal for coin,money,deposit security during the cash in transit.  No one can open it without any evidence.

Each Security Bags will have unique barcode and serial number for track and trace.White Write-On information Panel for users to write the vital information catagories. They are all tamper evident.

level 4 security deposit bags

Security Bag will have six tamper evident level,from level 0 to level 5.Lecel 5 also called RFID security bag..Level 2 and Level 4 will be the common tamper evident level for many banks, CIT Companies, Retail chain stores.

The RFID SECURITY BAG will have the highest tamper evident level.You can choose the suitable tamper evident level.It all depends on your security packaging demand and cost.

Many brand can also customized own security deposit bags with brand names to increase brand awareness.CIT Company,Retail Chain Store,Banks,Casino normally will do custom security deposit bag with their brand name and logo.Even with their own design.

What’s the differnce between level 2 and level 4 tamper evident level?

Level 2 tamper evident level:When someone try to open the bank deposit bags in the normal tamperature or extremely cold tamperature,the hidden message “VOID”appears.

level 2 tamper evident bags

Level 4 tamper evident level:It contains all the feature of level 2 tamper evident tape.However,it is higher than it.When someone try to use water and solvent to open the bag,the “Tamper-Evident” word is disappeared.And when somone try to tamper the bag with extreme heat to get into the bag,the red word “VOID” will show up on the tape.

level 4 tamper evident bags

How to use security bags properly?

Step One: check bag to make sure there are no tears, cuts or any other signs of tampering.

Step Two: write the relevant information onto the white panel on the body of the bag and receipt.

Step Three: Tear the receipt.

Step Four: insert the contents into the security bag.

Step five: lift the tape, remove release liner and expose the adhesive.

Step six: press down seal starting from center, and moving outwards. This ensures that the seal is secure, by leaving no air pockets.

Step seven:  when receiving bag, check to make sure there are no tears, cuts or any other signs of tampering.