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Intelligent Security Tamper Evident Packaging Solutions

Intelligent Security Tamper Evident Packaging

Adsure Packaging Limited has taken part in the Security Document Summit (SDS) Seminar on October 17th-18th in Beijing National Conference Center.

Security Document Summit (SDS) Seminar-Adsure Packaging Limited

On October 18th,our colleague Olina have represent Adsure for the presentation .Our topic is to talked about how to identify the authenticity of food, cash and many aspects that may exist risk. Our presentation has caught many audiences’s attention.

Case 1–Food Delivery Security

For the food delivery security, there are news shows that the driver has eaten customer’s food because he is very hungry. And after that, they cover the lunch box and return the food to the customer.

Security Document Summit (SDS) Seminar-Adsure Packaging Limited

It seems it is very horrible. How to make sure your food is not opened by others? Adsure have provided the solution for the online food ordering. That is, using the food delivering tamper evident bags. It will be waterproof .And also protect the food from opening by others. More importantly, it can reduce risk if others put unknown item inside. it will also improve the reputation of online food ordering platform.

Food Delivery Security

Case 2—Cash-In-Transit Security

Another point Adsure have mentioned will be cash delivery security. There are news shown that one side door of Armored Cars opened and 3 cash box drop on the road when driving. And the deposit from the cash box fly away.At present, not all the money have fully collected .They have lost 62,000,000 Taiwan dollars.
It is really amazing case. According this situation, Adsure put forward a solution that uses the tamper evident bags for the deposit. It will also secure the cash delivery.

Cash In Transit Security

Since tamper evident bags is not well known for China Market. Adsure have also introduced the tamper evident bags more clearly. It may create a good way to promote and to improve people’s security awareness and to reduce more lost.
Adsure have also put forward a new solution. It is about how does RFID technology applied in the security packaging. And it may increase people’s confidence for the safety packaging.


RFID Technology for Cash Transfer Security

Although there are variety of solution for cash transfer security. People still worry about the safety of the cash.

They have used different of security level tamper evident bag, from lower level to high level, from Level 0 to level 4.

Level 0: This is the hot melt tape. When someone tries to use cold to open it and reclose it again, it will not leave any evidence.

Level 1: Strong adhesive with graphic distortion when tampered with.

Level 2: Strong adhesive with hidden message “VOID” appears when tampered with. If someone tries to use Freon instantly freeze the tape to -60F, it will show tampering evidence.

Level 3: Level 2 plus Water & Solvent Evident. If someone tries to use water or solvent to get into the bag, the “Tamper –Evident” word disappears!

Level 4: Level 3 plus Heat Evident .


They also used different material tamper evident bag, from common plastic material to non-woven material and Tyvek material.

However, they still look for higher level for cash transportation.

They thought someone may destroy the barcode on the bag and it will influence their track and trace of the cash transportation. They even worry about the readability of the barcode and these may cause inconvenience.

Nowadays, RFID technology may be a new way to solve their questions.
RFID Security bag with E-ticket system will increase users’ confidence.

When use the RFID Security bag, you can quickly scan multiple item together, it will save your time. The RFID Tag inside the security bag will not be destroying by others. It can enhance the security of cash in transit.

The Global unique number of the RFID Tag will provide high security.

All the information of RFID Tag will store in the database of the E-Ticket System. Only the security bag information store in the database can be used. Once used, it cannot reused again.

Popular Poly Mailer Style

Custom Poly Mailer Style

Custom poly mailer is more and more popular.people tend to customize their poly mailer with their brand name and logo, which can improve their brand impression.

So what’s the popular poly mailer style you like?

custom poly mailer

Matte Black Poly Mailers

returnable matte black courier satchels
Poly mailer will be the most common way for their packaging. For custom branded poly mailer, there will be matte poly mailers and glossy poly mailers. Compared with Glossy Finished Poly Mailers, Matte Poly Mailers have a softer, more subdued look — perfect for complementing super soft or delicate goods like swimsuits. They are great for minimal luxury. Matte Black poly mailer is popular for online shopping and ecommerce.

Returnable Poly Mailers

returnable mailing satchels

When people buy products from online platform and received the package. If the product inside is different than they imagine. They may return the package to the seller If the poly mailer is not returnable, it will be a little trouble if the buyer didn’t have the poly mailer for returnable. Therefore, some online store seller will use returnable poly mailer for there packaging.

What is Returnable poly mailer? And how should you use it?

Returnable poly mailers are mailing bag which have double self-adhesive tape. When the online store seller use this kind of returnable courier satchels for packaging, they will put the item inside and then seal the top self-adhesive tape. And if customer receives the package, they will use scissors to cut down the dotted line and then pick the item inside. They can seal the other self-adhesive tape and return the item inside.

Recycle Design Poly Mailer

poly mailing bags with recycle logo

Some customer may prefer poly mailer with recycle logo printing, which may emphasize their brand and may also make the packaging more special.

Courier Bag with outer pouch

dhl shipping bags

Many courier companies will use courier bag for their shipping. They also need the courier bag with the clear outer pouch and then they can insert the waybill or document inside

Poly Mailer with Die Cut Handle

courier satchels with die cut handle

Online Store sometimes will hope their mailing bags with die cut handle.

And when customer received the package  ,it will be very convenient for them to carry the package.

Do you think above custom poly mailer are the popular style? What kind of style do you like?Please just tell me what kind of style do you need and then we will help you with it.

Automatic and Smart Packaging Bags

automatic packaging

Have you imagine new way for automatic packaging?

Packaging appears everywhere in our life. It has been an indispensable way for online shopping, retailers and so on.For online shopping, many online stores will use carton sealing tapes, packaging boxes, bubble mailers and poly mailers for their packaging.

Poly mailers do play an important role for shipping .Ecommerce and Courier Company normally put the shipping items into the poly mailer bags and seals it. And then put the waybill into the clear outer pouch or sticker the shipping label on to the mailing bags with courier information.

Will you think it is a good way for your packaging? Do you need to make your packaging more smart and quickly?

Automatic packaging-Auto Bag

Auto Bags, are also called Pre-opened bags, which is used on automatic baggers. Each bag is pre-opened on one side and has a slit in front and a perforated back between bags and slit-top openings for automatic machine or fast hand product loading.They are ideal for apparel,small parts,seed packaging.

auto bag for small parts

People just need to put the product inside and meanwhile the thermal printing on the bag directly and the auto packaging machine will heat seal the bag very quickly.


This kind of packaging method will help many online stores and people who need auto packaging quickly.

And it will save their time and cost cause there is no self-adhesive tape and shipping label or waybill.

The auto bag can be customized on rolls or fan folded in a box. Fanfold auto bag will help you save the volume and then help you save the shipping cost. But not all automatic packaging machines are suitable for these two packaging style.

custom auto bagsFanfold Auto Bag

Some machine can match this two packaging while others just can use on rolls or fanfold in a box. It also depends on your automatic packaging machine.

If your company have a lot of goods for packaging and you want to save your time for packaging. Auto bag may be a good choice for you.


Food Delivery Safety Packaging Solution

How do you think about the food delivery packaging?

Food delivery packaging is a key point for food delivery safety.

Nowadays, more and more people like to order food online. It seems it is a convenient way. People don’t need to go outside and wait so long to order the food from restaurant.

They just need to go to the restaurant website and they can see all the menu, price and choose the one they need and then order directly online. And then the restaurant will receive the confirmed order and make preparation for the food. After that, the driver will pick the food from the restaurant and sent it to the customer.

food delivery

However, are you worried about the safety of your food ordering online? The restaurant normally uses shopping bag for packing the Takeaway box. During the delivery, you cannot know if the food was opened by others or not. Someone may open it and then add something that is unknown. And you cannot make sure if the food on your hand is healthy, safety.

So online ordering customers will began to worry about it. They unwanted tampering with the food drivers eating portions of customer’s food and unwanted driver bodily fluids being introduced into the food during transportation. And the food delivery tamper evident bag could end customer’s nightmare.

food delivery

Each food delivery bag will have individual and unique Serial numbers for track and trace. And special security closure will prevent somebody to open the bag without any evidence.

Each food delivery bag is clear color and you can see inside. It also has a clear inner pouch for receipt and die cut handle for easier carry. It also has expandable bottom gusset to fix the box in the right position.

With this food delivery bags, the restaurant will pack the food into the takeaway box and then put it into the food delivery tamper evident bag. If someone tries to open the bag and take the food, it will show tamper evident. And customer will not worry about it anymore.



Tamper Evident Bags Applications

What’s Tamper Evident Bags For?

Tamper Evident Bags are used for different applications such as Banks,CIT Companies,Retail Chain Stores,Law Enforcement Departments,Casinos and so on.

Bank Deposit Tamper Evident Bags

Tamper Evident Bags are ideal for multiple applications.They need to secure deposit, personal property, confidential documents, forensic evidence, duty free shopping and so on.

Cash In Transit Security Bags

Banks, CIT Companies, Finance Industry, Retail Chain Stores , will use this tamper evident bag to secure their deposit during cash in transit.

They also call these tamper evident bag bank deposit bag, security money bags, and safe bags.

Security Bags for Retail Chain Stores

Law Enforcement Agencies like Ministry, Police, Customs, and Prison will use these tamper evident bags for forensic evidence or some sensitive documents.

Evidence Bags for Police Law Enforcement Agencies

Casinos will use these tamper evident bags for Casino chips.

Security Bag for Casino Poker Chips and Deposit

Election will use these tamper proof bags for voting booths, polling location and poll workers.

With convenient and secure solutions for protecting election ballot, cards, data and supplies during storage and transport.

Education departments will use it to secure the sample papers, test papers and question papers during storage and transport for National Examination.

Security Bags for Education Departments and Examination Question Paper

Each bag is tamper evident. When someone tries to take out the item inside by improper way, it will show tamper evidence.

No one can take out the item without any evidence.

Normally, every tamper evident bags will have barcode and serial number for track and trace.

It can also customized with white write-on Information Panel, multiple tear-off receipt, tamper evident level, multiple compartments.

It also can print with your brand name and your design.

Security bank deposit Bagscustom tamper evident bags

For tamper evident level, it all depends on your item value and your budget.

If your item value is very high and you need high tamper evident level.

We can help you with it. Normally, level 4 tamper evident closure will be the higher level to secure your item.

However, the level 4 tamper evident closure with RFID tag will the highest on at this moment.

rfid technology


Why Should Some Airport Duty Free Stores Use ICAO STEBs?

ICAO STEBs For Airport Duty Free Stores

ICAO STEBs also called security tamper evident bags. They are ideal for all airlines and airport duty free stores. Each bag will have single handle for easier carry and inner pouch for receipt.


Each ICAO STEBs Bags will have State/Manufacture Code and should be printed with ICAO logo.

Retailers will use the inventory code to manage the retailer’s inventory to ensure that no one steal and mishandle the no empty STEBs.

Scan the inventory code during the sale to carefully manage the STEBs inventory in the store.

icao stebs

To ensure proper security control of the supply chain processes, retailers will use safety equipment. In order to keep all options open, you can choose unique numbers, two-dimensional barcodes, RFID chips, and so on.

Only a listed of manufacturers of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) are able to provide for International Airport and Duty Free Shops.

So why airport duty free stores use STEBs?

The ICAO STEBs are designed to secure LAGs (Liquids, Aerosols & Gels) purchased at airport duty free stores.

To prevent departing passengers bring threaten liquid from making devastating consequences.

Customers who buy from duty free store cannot open the ICAO STEBs bag until final destination.

If someone tamper the bag ,the custom may confiscate the contents.

If someone has tried to tamper with the bag to remove the contents, it will show tamper evidence.

The current ICAO guidelines on security controls for LAGs are effective in mitigating the threat posed by liquid explosives.

And should remain in effect and universally implemented by all Member States until effective, efficient and widely adoptable detection technology becomes available that will facilitate the gradual replacement of the current restrictions.



Is Your Current Mailing Bag Satisfying Your Demand?

Mailing Bag

Poly mailers & Mailing Bag also called courier bag, courier satchels, and shipping bags. Logistics Companies will use courier bag as the normal packaging for customer’s parcels. And they also need this kind of courier bags with the clear outer pouch for waybill.

Custom Shipping Bags

Online stores will use these mailing bags for their clothes, shoes box, accessories and so on. They will hope the poly mailer bags are printing with their brand name, logo, website and then their customer will remember their brand, which will help they promote their brand.

Some companies who have high demand for the packaging will also hope the mailing bag are matte black color or colorful. Some companies even hope the bag are hot stamping. Hot stamping on the plastic mailing bag seems a wonderful packaging.

 Hot Stamping Courier Satchels

In the end, whether it’s the beautiful-looking bag or branded poly mailers ,I think customer will hope their quality is good .

The good quality mail bag will be water proof, tamper proof, puncture resistant They will hope the bags is with great quality meanwhile the mail bag will catch customers’ eyes and give them the good experience.

Punture Resistant Poly Mailer

So is your current mailing bags satisfied your demands? And what do you want your poly mailing bag to be?

Now every one is try to protect the environment , so someone will ask : how’s your plastic bag ? will they contaminate the environment ? the answer is no ! our plastic is use the Eco-friends & degradable material , our concept is protect the world from our little detail . and we hope you can do the same thing as us , every one just did a little more then i believe the world will be better .

Feral Mail, UPS, Fedex Aproved Mailing Bags & Packing Lists

USPS, UPS & FedEx Postal Approved Poly Mailers & Shipping Supplies
Check out our guaranteed low prices.
First Dimension Represents the Opening For Inserting Document(s)


How to secure your cash during cash in transit?

What Is Security Bags?

Security bag is also called Safe Bags ,Tamper Evident Bags,Bank Deposit Bags.

Therefore, They are very important for Banks, Armored car company , retail chain stores.

Bank deposit bags are ideal for coin,money,deposit security during the cash in transit.  No one can open it without any evidence.

Each Security Bags will have unique barcode and serial number for track and trace.White Write-On information Panel for users to write the vital information catagories. They are all tamper evident.

level 4 security deposit bags

Security Bag will have six tamper evident level,from level 0 to level 5.Lecel 5 also called RFID security bag..Level 2 and Level 4 will be the common tamper evident level for many banks, CIT Companies, Retail chain stores.

The RFID SECURITY BAG will have the highest tamper evident level.You can choose the suitable tamper evident level.It all depends on your security packaging demand and cost.

Many brand can also customized own security deposit bags with brand names to increase brand awareness.CIT Company,Retail Chain Store,Banks,Casino normally will do custom security deposit bag with their brand name and logo.Even with their own design.

What’s the differnce between level 2 and level 4 tamper evident level?

Level 2 tamper evident level:When someone try to open the bank deposit bags in the normal tamperature or extremely cold tamperature,the hidden message “VOID”appears.

level 2 tamper evident bags

Level 4 tamper evident level:It contains all the feature of level 2 tamper evident tape.However,it is higher than it.When someone try to use water and solvent to open the bag,the “Tamper-Evident” word is disappeared.And when somone try to tamper the bag with extreme heat to get into the bag,the red word “VOID” will show up on the tape.

level 4 tamper evident bags

How to use security bags properly?

Step One: check bag to make sure there are no tears, cuts or any other signs of tampering.

Step Two: write the relevant information onto the white panel on the body of the bag and receipt.

Step Three: Tear the receipt.

Step Four: insert the contents into the security bag.

Step five: lift the tape, remove release liner and expose the adhesive.

Step six: press down seal starting from center, and moving outwards. This ensures that the seal is secure, by leaving no air pockets.

Step seven:  when receiving bag, check to make sure there are no tears, cuts or any other signs of tampering.


Green Biodegradable Plastic Material for Tamper Evident Bags

Sustainable Development and Our Commitment to the Environment

Environmental issues form a fundamental part of ADsure activities.

ADsure is committed to sustainability. We have taken clear steps towards protecting our environment while maintaining high quality and reliable products. We persistently search for the best raw materials and production methods that limit any negative effects on the environment. This includes a strong commitment to use as much renewable raw materials in our products as possible. Along with the commitment to our products and the environment, we emphasize the importance of this commitment internally with our employees. Our sustainability pledge is a natural part of our company culture.
Raw Materials

ADsure deposit bags are biodegradable and 100% recyclable Tamper- Evident Cash Deposit Bags. ADsure provides the same tamper indicating features as our ADSURE® bags; cold, saliva and side seam. ADsure biodegradable deposit bags provide a premium level of tamper-evidence and security. They also feature the addition of the EcoPure additive, the best “green” solution for plastics on the market today. Unlike other biodegradable bags, ADsure will not begin to biodegrade until placed in an active microbial environment, so shelf life is not affected.