Green Biodegradable Plastic Material for Tamper Evident Bags

Sustainable Development and Our Commitment to the Environment

Environmental issues form a fundamental part of ADsure activities.

ADsure is committed to sustainability. We have taken clear steps towards protecting our environment while maintaining high quality and reliable products. We persistently search for the best raw materials and production methods that limit any negative effects on the environment. This includes a strong commitment to use as much renewable raw materials in our products as possible. Along with the commitment to our products and the environment, we emphasize the importance of this commitment internally with our employees. Our sustainability pledge is a natural part of our company culture.
Raw Materials

ADsure deposit bags are biodegradable and 100% recyclable Tamper- Evident Cash Deposit Bags. ADsure provides the same tamper indicating features as our ADSURE® bags; cold, saliva and side seam. ADsure biodegradable deposit bags provide a premium level of tamper-evidence and security. They also feature the addition of the EcoPure additive, the best “green” solution for plastics on the market today. Unlike other biodegradable bags, ADsure will not begin to biodegrade until placed in an active microbial environment, so shelf life is not affected.