Popular Poly Mailer Style

Custom Poly Mailer Style

Custom poly mailer is more and more popular.people tend to customize their poly mailer with their brand name and logo, which can improve their brand impression.

So what’s the popular poly mailer style you like?

custom poly mailer

Matte Black Poly Mailers

returnable matte black courier satchels
Poly mailer will be the most common way for their packaging. For custom branded poly mailer, there will be matte poly mailers and glossy poly mailers. Compared with Glossy Finished Poly Mailers, Matte Poly Mailers have a softer, more subdued look — perfect for complementing super soft or delicate goods like swimsuits. They are great for minimal luxury. Matte Black poly mailer is popular for online shopping and ecommerce.

Returnable Poly Mailers

returnable mailing satchels

When people buy products from online platform and received the package. If the product inside is different than they imagine. They may return the package to the seller If the poly mailer is not returnable, it will be a little trouble if the buyer didn’t have the poly mailer for returnable. Therefore, some online store seller will use returnable poly mailer for there packaging.

What is Returnable poly mailer? And how should you use it?

Returnable poly mailers are mailing bag which have double self-adhesive tape. When the online store seller use this kind of returnable courier satchels for packaging, they will put the item inside and then seal the top self-adhesive tape. And if customer receives the package, they will use scissors to cut down the dotted line and then pick the item inside. They can seal the other self-adhesive tape and return the item inside.

Recycle Design Poly Mailer

poly mailing bags with recycle logo

Some customer may prefer poly mailer with recycle logo printing, which may emphasize their brand and may also make the packaging more special.

Courier Bag with outer pouch

dhl shipping bags

Many courier companies will use courier bag for their shipping. They also need the courier bag with the clear outer pouch and then they can insert the waybill or document inside

Poly Mailer with Die Cut Handle

courier satchels with die cut handle

Online Store sometimes will hope their mailing bags with die cut handle.

And when customer received the package  ,it will be very convenient for them to carry the package.

Do you think above custom poly mailer are the popular style? What kind of style do you like?Please just tell me what kind of style do you need and then we will help you with it.


Is Your Current Mailing Bag Satisfying Your Demand?

Mailing Bag

Poly mailers & Mailing Bag also called courier bag, courier satchels, and shipping bags. Logistics Companies will use courier bag as the normal packaging for customer’s parcels. And they also need this kind of courier bags with the clear outer pouch for waybill.

Custom Shipping Bags

Online stores will use these mailing bags for their clothes, shoes box, accessories and so on. They will hope the poly mailer bags are printing with their brand name, logo, website and then their customer will remember their brand, which will help they promote their brand.

Some companies who have high demand for the packaging will also hope the mailing bag are matte black color or colorful. Some companies even hope the bag are hot stamping. Hot stamping on the plastic mailing bag seems a wonderful packaging.

 Hot Stamping Courier Satchels

In the end, whether it’s the beautiful-looking bag or branded poly mailers ,I think customer will hope their quality is good .

The good quality mail bag will be water proof, tamper proof, puncture resistant They will hope the bags is with great quality meanwhile the mail bag will catch customers’ eyes and give them the good experience.

Punture Resistant Poly Mailer

So is your current mailing bags satisfied your demands? And what do you want your poly mailing bag to be?

Now every one is try to protect the environment , so someone will ask : how’s your plastic bag ? will they contaminate the environment ? the answer is no ! our plastic is use the Eco-friends & degradable material , our concept is protect the world from our little detail . and we hope you can do the same thing as us , every one just did a little more then i believe the world will be better .

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