RFID Technology for Cash Transfer Security

Although there are variety of solution for cash transfer security. People still worry about the safety of the cash.

They have used different of security level tamper evident bag, from lower level to high level, from Level 0 to level 4.

Level 0: This is the hot melt tape. When someone tries to use cold to open it and reclose it again, it will not leave any evidence.

Level 1: Strong adhesive with graphic distortion when tampered with.

Level 2: Strong adhesive with hidden message “VOID” appears when tampered with. If someone tries to use Freon instantly freeze the tape to -60F, it will show tampering evidence.

Level 3: Level 2 plus Water & Solvent Evident. If someone tries to use water or solvent to get into the bag, the “Tamper –Evident” word disappears!

Level 4: Level 3 plus Heat Evident .


They also used different material tamper evident bag, from common plastic material to non-woven material and Tyvek material.

However, they still look for higher level for cash transportation.

They thought someone may destroy the barcode on the bag and it will influence their track and trace of the cash transportation. They even worry about the readability of the barcode and these may cause inconvenience.

Nowadays, RFID technology may be a new way to solve their questions.
RFID Security bag with E-ticket system will increase users’ confidence.

When use the RFID Security bag, you can quickly scan multiple item together, it will save your time. The RFID Tag inside the security bag will not be destroying by others. It can enhance the security of cash in transit.

The Global unique number of the RFID Tag will provide high security.

All the information of RFID Tag will store in the database of the E-Ticket System. Only the security bag information store in the database can be used. Once used, it cannot reused again.


Tamper Evident Bags Applications

What’s Tamper Evident Bags For?

Tamper Evident Bags are used for different applications such as Banks,CIT Companies,Retail Chain Stores,Law Enforcement Departments,Casinos and so on.

Bank Deposit Tamper Evident Bags

Tamper Evident Bags are ideal for multiple applications.They need to secure deposit, personal property, confidential documents, forensic evidence, duty free shopping and so on.

Cash In Transit Security Bags

Banks, CIT Companies, Finance Industry, Retail Chain Stores , will use this tamper evident bag to secure their deposit during cash in transit.

They also call these tamper evident bag bank deposit bag, security money bags, and safe bags.

Security Bags for Retail Chain Stores

Law Enforcement Agencies like Ministry, Police, Customs, and Prison will use these tamper evident bags for forensic evidence or some sensitive documents.

Evidence Bags for Police Law Enforcement Agencies

Casinos will use these tamper evident bags for Casino chips.

Security Bag for Casino Poker Chips and Deposit

Election will use these tamper proof bags for voting booths, polling location and poll workers.

With convenient and secure solutions for protecting election ballot, cards, data and supplies during storage and transport.

Education departments will use it to secure the sample papers, test papers and question papers during storage and transport for National Examination.

Security Bags for Education Departments and Examination Question Paper

Each bag is tamper evident. When someone tries to take out the item inside by improper way, it will show tamper evidence.

No one can take out the item without any evidence.

Normally, every tamper evident bags will have barcode and serial number for track and trace.

It can also customized with white write-on Information Panel, multiple tear-off receipt, tamper evident level, multiple compartments.

It also can print with your brand name and your design.

Security bank deposit Bagscustom tamper evident bags

For tamper evident level, it all depends on your item value and your budget.

If your item value is very high and you need high tamper evident level.

We can help you with it. Normally, level 4 tamper evident closure will be the higher level to secure your item.

However, the level 4 tamper evident closure with RFID tag will the highest on at this moment.

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