Food Delivery Safety Packaging Solution

How do you think about the food delivery packaging?

Food delivery packaging is a key point for food delivery safety.

Nowadays, more and more people like to order food online. It seems it is a convenient way. People don’t need to go outside and wait so long to order the food from restaurant.

They just need to go to the restaurant website and they can see all the menu, price and choose the one they need and then order directly online. And then the restaurant will receive the confirmed order and make preparation for the food. After that, the driver will pick the food from the restaurant and sent it to the customer.

food delivery

However, are you worried about the safety of your food ordering online? The restaurant normally uses shopping bag for packing the Takeaway box. During the delivery, you cannot know if the food was opened by others or not. Someone may open it and then add something that is unknown. And you cannot make sure if the food on your hand is healthy, safety.

So online ordering customers will began to worry about it. They unwanted tampering with the food drivers eating portions of customer’s food and unwanted driver bodily fluids being introduced into the food during transportation. And the food delivery tamper evident bag could end customer’s nightmare.

food delivery

Each food delivery bag will have individual and unique Serial numbers for track and trace. And special security closure will prevent somebody to open the bag without any evidence.

Each food delivery bag is clear color and you can see inside. It also has a clear inner pouch for receipt and die cut handle for easier carry. It also has expandable bottom gusset to fix the box in the right position.

With this food delivery bags, the restaurant will pack the food into the takeaway box and then put it into the food delivery tamper evident bag. If someone tries to open the bag and take the food, it will show tamper evident. And customer will not worry about it anymore.